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How to Shop Online Securely

Risk of shopping online

As the internet increasingly becomes a feasting ground for identity theft, we  consumers must remain vigilant in protecting our identity, and exercise precaution when carrying out online purchase transactions. Any legitimate website that require a password should be secure (indicated by an “https:” in the URL location bar, not just http:, the ‘s’ stands for secure).

Controlled Payment Number Feature

If you do a lot of online shopping, you want to minimize the risk of your credit card number proliferating across the web. Luckily some credit card agencies offer a “controlled payment number” feature option through online banking.

How it works

This feature allows you to create a temporary credit card number that is tied to your real credit card account, and use that temporary number to make your purchases so you do not have to disclose your original credit card number to the online merchant. Therefore your card number does not get stored in their database to risk getting compromised.


You can track your past purchases made with that credit card number at anytime by logging into your online credit card banking account. The transactions will show up as they normally do, in either the recent transactions or billing statements.

This controlled payment feature allows you to set the expiration date and the spending limit. That credit card number can then be reused up until the date you set it to expire or until you hit the spending limit. I set the expiration to the minimum of 2 months and set the spending limit to the amount of the purchase transaction I’m about to execute. This way each online transaction has its unique number. You can choose to set a higher limit of course.

This feature service is free!

Don’t be a victim of identity theft. Sign up for one of these cards to take advantage of this valuable security feature!

Example credit card agencies that offer this free security service:

Disclaimer: MrsPractical.com has no affiliation with these credit card agencies. We have had a positive experience using these features and are simply looking out for number 1 🙂

Happy safe shopping!

Mrs. Practical