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The Silver Lining in Daylight Saving

Every 6 months when daylight saving comes along, everyone’s work schedule seems to come in sync again for at least the first few weeks, manifested through long lines of traffic on our way home from work. In the fall in particular due to sunset time shifts, our sense of when it gets dark outside dictates when it’s time to leave work so we end up leaving around the same time.

We can get passed this though.
Daylight saving does not have to be a one gain to multi pain scenario!

We can see this as an opportunity to jump start a new habit of sleeping earlier and waking earlier. Aim to get a regular sleep schedule if possible (reference NIH sleep article).

Immediate Benefits to sleeping earlier:

  • Good for the health of your liver as its detox schedule is between 11pm-1am.
  • You’ll wake up feeling more well-rested.
  • A regular sleep schedule prevents weight gain as your body’s metabolism is also accustomed to a schedule.

Immediate Benefits to waking earlier:

  • You end up getting more done when others are still asleep (e.g. shorter lines at the grocery stores, post office, etc.).
  • Less traffic on the road heading in and out of work, resulting in more zen and less stress.
  • You take full advantage of what daylight saving time was meant for: to get more daylight (more vitamin D)! When you get home from work there is still some day light to tend to your own activities.

So take the road less traveled (with less traffic)–take back that hour that’s yours and put it to use to reap the benefits of daylight saving.

Mrs. Practical